Recent Reading List…..

In the past 12 months, I have made an active effort to increase my reading. It is always something I have enjoyed, and was actually a keen reader at school, but with work consuming my life and no energy left when I went to bed, my habit of reading for 15 minutes before sleeping slowly slipped away. After reintroducing a number of positive habits into my life (with the help of the app Habit-Bull) I have pushed myself to read more – and have covered lots of material in the past 12 months! I was motivated to list all of these courtesy of a fitness specialist called Marcus Smith (@mjd_smith) I follow on Instagram, who shared his reading last from the past 24 months.

Some books I have not included as they were “holiday books” (I like Crime fiction) and did not influence any part of my daily routine, my teaching or my lifestyle. All of the books listed below I took at least one aspect from and allowed to shape some aspects of my thinking. Some of these are really excellent books that I will certainly read again in a year or so.


Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferris

The Greatest – Matthew Syed

Stronger – Jeff Bauman

The Learning Rainforest – Tom Sherrington (@teacherhead)

The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle

Relentless – Tim Grover

Black Box Thinking – Matthew Syed

Ali: A Life – Jonathon Eig

Bounce – Matthew Syed

2 Hours – Ed Caesar

The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

Chasing Excellence – Ben Bergeron

Walking the Himalayas – Levison Wood

Above Head Height – James Brown

Losing My Virginity – Richard Branson

Run, Ride, Sink or Swim – Lucy Fry

Eat & Run – Scott Jurek


Running With the Kenyans – Adharanand Finn

The Way of the Runner – Adharanand Finn

5000-1 The Leicester City Story – Rob Tanner

Saban – The Making of a Coach – Monte Burke

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers – Ross McGill (@teachertoolkit)

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Inside Team Sky – David Walsh

Deskbound – Kelly Starrett

The 1997 Masters – My Story – Tiger Woods

The Killing School – Brandon Webb

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Aron Ralston

On the bookshelf and hoping to read in the next couple of months:

Podium – Ben Oakley

Talent lab – Owen Slot

Rules of The red rubber ball – Kevin Carroll

Developing better athletes, better people – Jim Thompson

Elevating your game – Jim Thompson

Any recommendations? Would love to hear…….

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